Unable to block Google Search using HTTP Firewall Policies

I’m using WARP for Mac OS, which applies my HTTP Firewall Policies (DNS policies are not enforced). As of mid-November 2023, Google Search, which I have tried to block using multiple policies, is not being blocked. Previously, I was filtering out all Google Search results by blocking 1) “URL matches regex google.com/search”; and 2) “category is search”. This worked perfectly for many months in 2023 prior to November. Now, it’s no longer working, even after adding one more block: 3) “application is in Google Search”. What’s more is that some of my URL keyword blocks are no longer functioning in Google Search. For example, if I have blocked “URL matches regex pineapple”, I can still search Google for pineapple and get results.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does anyone have advice for how to rectify it?