Unable to bind URL from Bluehost to Cloudflare

  1. Domain is purchsed by namecheap. Nameserver changed to Bluehost.
  2. Web hosting is Bluehost, then install WordPress to build the site.

After modifying the nameservers and binding them to Cloudflare, the site is showing too many redirects. It cannot connect.
It needs to close the Proxy Status of these 2 items, and the site will restore:
DNS - A Type: domain & www

**** But then it cannot be protected by Cloudflare. The ISP is not at Cloudflare. May I know what is the issue and how do I do? ****

ps. Currently Bluehost’s Cloudflare Basic function is broken. Unable to install Cloudflare from Bluehost platform.

You currently have an insecure legacy encryption mode, which is why you get that error and have no encryption. Make sure to select Full Strict.


It’s success! Thank you.

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