Unable to assign designed website to my domain

I have designed a website on google site. I follow the instruction to make changes on DNS record on Cloudflare.

I put “CNAME” for the type (according to google site instruction)
put “www” as the Name
put “ghs.googlehosted.com.” as Target.

Still not able to make it work. help please :frowning:

What does this actually mean? Are you seeing a specific error message in the Google Sites custom domain setup, or when you enter the domain in the browser as www.example.com? (Note that Google Sites only works with subdomains, and your apex domain example.com requires additional treatment to work.)


  1. Is the domain VERIFIED by Google already?
  2. Have you successfully CONNECTED the domain in Google Sites?

If you’ve done the above already, please provide your actual domain name so we can take a look for you.

Standing by.

if I go to tommychoipsychology.com. this shows up

Your apex domain is tommychoipsychology.com, while:

… are all subdomains.

What I meant was that with the default setup you outlined in your original post, the address https://www.tommychoipsychology.com should work (provided the setup is done correctly, which, currently, is not the case), but https://tommychoipsychology.com (ie without the www) will require additional treatment to work.

If it weren’t verified, Google would tell you as such and you wouldn’t be able to get to the screen you provided in your first attachment. So your OWNERSHIP of the domain is verified.

Connected, but surely not “successfully” – as your screenshot clearly shows an error (Invalid DNS). Google is saying “Invalid DNS” because you have the CNAME record proxied (:orange: Proxy status).

To fix this, go to your Cloudflare DNS app, edit the CNAME record for www, and change the Proxy Status to DNS only :grey:.

After this, you can either wait until Google re-checks the DNS record… or… if you’re impatient like me, you can remove the domain and add it again to trigger an immediate check.

When the domain connection is finally successful, it should appear like the screenshot below – with no error message or “Learn more” link.

Thank you so much! it works!

it seems like I need to type www. before my apex domain name? you mentioned that will require additional treatment, may I ask how? some pointers for me to figure it out is appreciated too

Take a look at example number one in the following cheat sheet. You will need a proxied :orange: DNS record for your apex name in order for the rule to have any effect. I like to use a AAAA record set to the special address 100:: from the discard prefix. That makes it easy to recognize that name is being used in a Cloudflare redirect rule.