Unable to add valid TLD domain

Hello, I am trying to add the website nid.io but I am getting an error.

We were unable to identify nid.io as a registered domain. Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains

What can I do to resolve this?

I’m using a wildcard DNS entry if that matters. Also the domain is used like a TLD.

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Note that [i believe] Cloudflare doesn’t support this use case if you plan to have a fair amount of customers. CF only allows 1000 DNS records for free sites and 3500 for paid sites; unless you plan to keep your client pool under 500 or 1750 (assuming most zones will only have 2 nameservers).

No plan for customers. Each project may have separate server but doesn’t warrant a dedicated domain. However, for some reason I’m unable to add the website using the CloudFlare interface. My goal is to get encryption for those subdomains.

Maybe CF doesn’t like the wildcard DNS?


The domain is on the public suffix list but I don’t think that is considered by CF.

So similar to https://js.org/ I presume.

As for the error, i’m not sure why it’s not working. If you still want to try out CF, you can email support@cloudflare.com.

That’s cool, Thanks for sharing. I will wait for support, thank you.