Unable to add TXT for go daddy email

Can someone please help me to set up my custom email through DNS (or something that makes more sense haha)

I asked for support on this but the ticket was closed and I need it done ASAP so any help would be appreciated - not my zone so if you can dumb it down too that would be great

I have instructions from GoDaddy but stuck on step 1. when I go to create the TXT part it won’t let me create it without content but I don’t know what that is.

I don’t know what TXT record you would need to set up email. That shouldn’t be a show-stopper. Can you post a link or screenshot of the GoDaddy instructions? If you posted the domain, we could also take a look at what you have so far.

Hi @sdayman thanks for your reply. I think I have it but in all honesty I have no idea. my domain is richsoulrevolution.com I have entered all the info provided by godaddy (I have attached a pic for your reference)
But I have no idea if I have done it right or not. I tried to check but it says it can take unto 24 hours to show up

Ok I just got an email from them saying it was good to go. For anyone with the same problem the thing that was throwing me off was the different names (they call some things different things to what is in here)

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