Unable to add third level .name domain

I have seen a few posts on the forum about this issue, but no resolution.

It seems I am not able to add a third level .name domain name (such as firstname.lastname.name), as Cloudflare thinks I am trying to add a subdomain. The error is "Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g., example.com, not subdomain.example.com)”.


What is the exact domain you’re trying to add?

Not something I want to reveal on a public forum, but it is a third-level domain in the format firtstname.lastname.name, where lastname.name is “reserved” and unavailable for direct registration.

Alright, no worries. I was asking so I could check whether lastname.name is on the Public Suffix List, but it seems like there are no name suffixes on the list at all:

// name : has 2nd-level tlds, but there's no list of them

Cloudflare uses this list to decide what’s a subdomain and what’s a public suffix, so this is why you’re unable to add the domain. There’s not much you can do about this other than asking your registrar to put their suffixes on the list.

Good to know, but that seems unlikely to happen - it’s not the registrar which would need to release (and maintain) this list, but the registry itself (Verisign), I would guess.

I would have thought that Couldflare might have a support process to manually add domains under these circumstances?

So I did try contacting Verisign about this, and they were surprisingly quick to respond. After a bit of back and forth, they confirmed they will not release a public list of second level domains which are exclusively used for registration of third level domains to the Public Suffix List.

Anyone from Cloudflare able to help?

I’ve seen this setup, where someone had joe.smith.name

Some organization owns the “smith” domain, and sublets out first names under smith. These do not have their own WHOIS records, and can not be added to Cloudflare.

Bottom line, if Verisign won’t let you set name servers for that subdomain, then you can’t use it at Cloudflare without a CNAME setup (on a Business or Enterprise plan).

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It’s a proper domain - with NS records and a whois record. Cloudflare should support it. I understand it’s tricky because it’s also possible to register second-level .name domains, and there is no list of suffixes for third-level domains, but it should be possible to verify the registration of the domain via whois.

Anyone from Cloudflare able to help @MoreHelp ?