Unable to add subdomain to punycode domain name for email routing

I am unable to add subdomain r to punycode domain name Ωίθηδ.org for email routing. Is this a known issue of Cloudflare?

Hi @peter.rood,

Thank you for you question.

For the time being, Cloudflare Registrar does not support Internationalized Domain Name (IDN). These domains include international characters (such as á , ü , among others), as you may see here.

I hope this helps, but please let us know if we may further assist you.

Hi @malmeida,

To clarify, the IDN is registered by Google Domains.

The MX records are managed by Cloudflare using three routes route[1,2,3].mx.cloudflare.net.

Cloudflare email routing works for username hello@IDN. When I try to add subdomains [r,relay], the Cloudflare web application responds

“errors”: [
“code”: 2007,
“message”: “Invalid Input: name: must have valid subdomain.”

My understanding is that subdomains r and relay are valid subdomains for Cloudflare email routing so I’m curious why Cloudflare is not able to add them. For reference, I have attached a screenshot of the Cloudflare web application.

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That does look to be a pretty clear issue, and I suspect nobody’s run into it before. Or hasn’t said anything about it.

Email routing should work with punycode domains, but docs don’t say anything about using a subdomain under a punycode.

@dmartin1 may have some ideas for next steps.

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We opened an internal ticket with our team about this issue and will update you here once we hear back.

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