Unable to add sites to Turnstile


I tried to add a site to Turnstile and i’m unable to specify a valid Domain, no value works there. I’ve tried with two different Cloudflare accounts and whenever i enter the domain and click “add custom”, the selected item is an “empty” box, and when i click Create, i receive the error “Invalid value for ‘domains’: not entitled to use empty list”

Is this caused by a known outage or any ETA on resolution for it?

I know Turnstile is on Beta and really appreciate the functionality it offers, thank you in advance.

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Is that domain active in your account?

Hi, thank you for replying

I was just trying to add “localhost” to enable Turnstile for testing, i know there’s a testing sitekey & secret value pair available but i wanted to do hostname validation at the server side.

I just tried again and i was able to add it:

I guess it must have been a temporary outage. I’ll mark this as solved

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