Unable to add site to CloudFlare

Good day, I’m unable to add site a co.za domain to my CloudFlare account, it gives error domain is not registered, although running a WHOIS request it does come up as registered (registered it myself 12 hours ago) but with domain status on serverHold EPP Status Codes | What Do They Mean, and Why Should I Know? - ICANN.
Correct arnold.ns.cloudflare.com and kara.ns.cloudflare.com nameservers are used.
If I understand correctly I need a valid DNS, and I can’t do that without adding my site to CloudFlare. Thus I am stuck in a catch 22. Please help.

It sounds like you already found a problem. Have you asked your registrar about this?

The workaround for this is to first use dns.he.net’s free DNS service. That way, Cloudflare can do the lookups, then add your site.

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