Unable to Add Site for Newly Registered Domain with nic.im


I just registered a domain with nic.im
I tried to Add Site in CloudFlare but it display error as such " is not a registered domain"

How do i resolve this?

Can you share the domain?

Do you have active Nameservers? Have you verified that the current nameservers have propagated, and return valid results for NS and SOA queries?

No active Nameservers for now.
SOA currently running on pebbles.iom.com.

You must have active nameservers before starting to add your domain to Cloudflare.

You MUST NOT point your nameservers to Cloudflare before adding your domain to Cloudflare, it is left open to being hijacked.

nic.im doesn’t have nameservers so i just put it as
What’s your suggestion on this?

Hurricane Electric offer Free DNS, but I have not used it in a long time.

Thx, i had just register and add their nameservers.
Is it have to wait for some time before it takes effect?

@michael There is another solution which is similar to yours.


Cloudflare - Steps 3 Resolve DNS for root domain - It resolve my problems.

Thanks a lot

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