Unable to add record for **www**

I have bought a domain directly from Cloudflare registrar > workers & deployment > assigned to domain everything works as it should - web address https : // domainname. com working

I would like browsers to show https : // www. domainname. com

How can I change the domain address to https : //www. domain. com within Cloudflare hosting service?

  • I also get " Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that www. domainname. com will resolve.
  • again my registrar is Cloudflare directly and not other

Thank you

Remove domainname.com and add www.domainname.com instead.

  • Added already CNAME www to target the pages.dev - not working to target the hhtps:// address - not working
  • deleted the CNAME @ target deplyment pages.dev and left only www to target it - not working

You are not supposed to add or delete any CNAME entries. You go to the same menu where you assigned domainname.com to your project, remove it and add www.domainname.com instead.


Thank you so much!

Never thought about this. Worked perfectly


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