Unable to add payment details

We have been trying to update our payment details for days now and it seems imposible. We can’t add new card, we cannot replace the existing ones and we keep getting errors. It seems as if Cloudflare does not want users to upgrade to the payment plans.

Customer support is just non existing, we have tried calling and no body picks up on the other end. When creating tickets we just get standardized answers that don’t relate to our problem. I have read the community posts and it seems this has been an standing issue since 2021, can’t believe how this is still ongoing and no fix has been made. Latest support tickets (3282202 & 3264906)


I merged the tickets into 3282202 to keep the conversation in that ticket.

I see the replies on the ticket from earlier today and your response with the additional details the agents were asking about. I will flag that for my colleagues in Support.

Hi! Thanks for looking into this. We got another standard reply and still cannot upgrade? Cant you not go in the back end and reset the card so we can enter a new one?

Hi Team, can we please get an answer here or some sort of indication on timing? its been a few days and we havent heard back

To be more specific, no replies on email nor telephone. Not even the “under attack” “immediate help” line with is meant to be for emergencies is working. We would be happy to pay for the services if we could only enter our payment detaisl

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Hi @martin30, as I’ve indicated in the other topic, I’ve updated your ticket with instructions from our Billing team.
Please feel free to review them and let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @martin30, as mentioned again in other topic, I’ve updated your ticket.
Please feel free to take a look at it and let me know if you have any questions.

Just as a reference:

If you currently have any active subscriptions, balance due, or pending balances due, you cannot remove the payment method on file, only replace it until the above is no longer the case.


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