Unable to add new site Shivam

I am adding new site but when i am adding my domain name I facing this error Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of covid-19-shivamjain.cf at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later. please @admin can you solve my problem ?

This is an issue with Freenom, as their whois service has been down/unreliable for several weeks. You can always purchase a non-free domain on another TLD as a workaround.

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Please can you tell me any other website which gives domain for free and also supports in cloudflare ??

eu.org offers free domains, and I have one on my Cloudflare account. Lots of registrars also offer domains for very little, especially in the first year. A .com or .xyz using Cloudflare Registrar is under $9 per year.

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Please can you tell me how i can get it ??

I am not getting any email from eu.org

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