Unable to add new site due to zone hold

Hi all, I’m trying to add the following site - sourceatlantic.ca - to our Cloudflare account, however it’s giving me the error below:

“The zone name provided is subject to a hold which disallows the creation of this zone. Please contact the domain owner to have this hold removed.”

If you look up the DNS for the site, you’ll see that it’s not on Cloudflare so I’m not sure what is causing this error.

I’ve added this domain to our account in the past to test, but never completed the authentication process, so it eventually deleted itself after 28 days but that was a while ago and I’m worried it might be stuck somewhere in limbo.

Is there any way this can be cleared out of Cloudflare if it’s in some type of recycle bin, I have full control of the domain and we would like to get this moved over as soon as possible.


Zone holds are a feature of Enterprise accounts.

If you cannot disable the zone hold, you will need to open an account ticket in your Cloudflare dashboard. You can share the support request number here.

It says I’m unable to submit a support ticket because we only have a free plan (which is true - we don’t have an enterprise account), so I don’t think the hold would be on our account in the first place.


As it says in your screenshot, you can open a ticket on billing, account, and registrar issues. Choose one of those eligible categories in the first dropdown. I suggested choosing account.

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Thanks for the assistance, I’ve submitted a ticket with Cloudflare support - 2983953

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I have submitted your ticket to the escalation request queue. You should receive a response here and on your ticket when someone is available to assist you.



The Zone hold is active and you will need to reach out to the domain owner to have this hold removed.

You can view the domain owner by running a whois.

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Hi all,

My ticket was closed by telling me my site is in another Cloudflare account, but wouldn’t the domain need to be authenticated by changing the nameservers in order to add it to Cloudflare and put it in a Zone hold?

Also note that I am the full owner of this domain, and in the case of this domain the registrar is also the DNS provider, so I can confirm the nameservers have not been changed as I just had an export sent to me today.

The only Cloudflare record in our domain is a TXT record for “cloudflare-verify.sourceatlantic.ca” but that was done at the request of a 3rd party vendor for an unrelated app, would adding that txt record be enough to lock us out from adding the domain to our account?

If they are have an Enterprise account, it might be. It would probably be worth your time to ask them about it. If they created the zone hold, you should be able to all them if it can be removed without disrupting the service they provide for you.

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Customers on any plan type can create billing, account and registrar tickets.

You should use whois to see who is responsible for your domain and then perhaps double-check to see who in your organization can release the hold.

it is

Most domains (site, websites, zones) on Cloudflare use cf nameservers, but that is not always the case and namesers alone are not a good telltale sign.


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