Unable to Add new Site (.com.au domain)


I’m trying to add a new site to my account, but I get the following message:

“micjaiy.com.au is not a registered domain”

I did register this domain a couple of days ago, do I need to do anything from a domain level, or do I just need to wait a bit longer?


Thanks for the quick response, I’ve got two other .com.au domain names on cloudflare right now.

I’m not sure what you mean by the announcing dates and final approval, are you able to clarify?

It’s easiest to add a domain when there’s an existing site, even if it’s a Parked Domain page. As it is, that domain doesn’t resolve.

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That does not agree witg this

Tru four registerring but not four using. The guy is just addin domain to his account not registerining wit cloufkare.

And he alredy said

I’ve just enabled the nameservers provided by the domain registrar, hopefully that’s all it is. Thanks for that

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yeah i wasn’t sure what CreatorRevealed was talking about, made no sense

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Just to confirm, this fixed my issue, I never actually got the error code 1049, but enabling the NS on my registrar, then gave it a parked A record, I was then able to add site. Thanks so much!!!


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