Unable to add my website in cloudflare account

I am trying to add my website to cloudflare but unable to do so

This I what I am getting
Any solution

There’s been a lot of people reporting issues with these free domain names, not sure exactly what’s causing this but it seems to be known.

I added my domain on cloudflare 1 day ago I have some problem so I removed and now I want to add this but not working

Me,2. But just 2 days ago I cound add my domain, now it is unable even the same domain!!!:frowning:

Freenom’s free domains are definitely a source of headaches at Cloudflare. That’s why you can’t use the API to make DNS changes on Freenom’s free domains.

I’m going to open an Escalation post for the next Support person to check into. It could very well be that Cloudflare has temporarily, accidentally, or permanently banned the addition of these free domains to the system.

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Looks like this is an issue on the FreeNom end. From what we see, their whois is failing to give responses to us, which prevents us from performing the look up above.

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