Unable to add my blog

Hi all,

I read about this and wanted to try Cloudflare out but it will not let me add my blog. It says invalid domain, but I have no idea what that means in terms of a blog that has been around for years and has hundreds of posts.

Any direction would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi perilousdreamer,
My suggestion :
You dont manage blog server. You’ve no right on it if its on specific website for blogs (like "makeyourblog.com…i don’t want to advertise) so i think it’s normal you’ve been ejected …
Question is : what do you expect from cloudflare ?

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I was expecting what Cloudflare is advertising. That it would make my blog load faster anywhere in the world. That is why I signed up.

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Hi @theperilousdreamer,

Can you let us know exactly what you are putting in the site box when you get the error? Make sure you don’t include the protocol (http or https) or www.

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I was entering https://originaldungeons-and-dragons.blogspot.com/
but after I read your reply I entered it as originaldungeons-and-dragons.blogspot.com/ but it still says invalid domain so it looks like I am out of luck. Was just trying to improve things for those who read my blog.

Thanks all

Yes, you need a domain name like example.com to use Cloudflare. You can’t use a subdomain of another service like blogspot unless you own blogspot.com.


Thank you! At least now I know.

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That’s right

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