Unable to add legitimate IPs to an IP List


I am trying to make use of the Cloudflare IP List feature.

I am not, however, able to save my first list. It is giving me the error, invalid value for ip at position 3: filters.api.value is neither a valid IP address or CIDR (Code: 10037).

This IP address at position 3 is It’s a perfectly valid IP.

If I remove that IP, then I get the same message about another IP. This time at position 2. That IP is,

If I remove that IP, the process repeats. It seems I can’t save any IPs to the IP list. Makes no sense to me.

Is there something I am misunderstanding or overlooking here, when it comes to the IP Lists feature?

I found this post in the forums, where a respondent stated, “Individual addresses are not supported in the context of address lists, you can only configure a whole /64 range. Alternatively you can configure that address for a firewall rule or an IP access rule.

But I presume he was referring only to IPv6 addresses. Since the documentation here, clearly shows that adding singular IPv4 addresses is not an issue.

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Strangely, the issue went away after I deleted all addresses, and saved the list, and then returned to the list and pasted in the addresses again.

Seems it was a temporary interface issue.

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Thank you for confirming and sharing the details. Let us know if any other issues come up.

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