Unable to add .kg domain - "not a registered domain"


I registered a .kg domain but I’m unable to add it to Cloudflare, which returns “***.kg is not a registered domain” error.

To help Cloudflare detect that this domain is indeed registered, I updated the nameservers to a non-Cloudflare provider and added A records.

Hours later when I tried to add it again to Cloudflare it still shows me the “***.kg is not a registered domain” error.

WHOIS with the registry also indicates this domain exists.

After I tried multiple times, this domain is restricted from being added now :frowning:

“This web property is temporarily restricted from being added to Cloudflare at this time. Please try again later, or contact Cloudflare Support with any questions.”

PS. Cloudflare is making this incredibly hard for me attach screenshots by disallowing adding multiple images.

If this is still stuck, please open a ticket via email to: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Please post the ticket # here as soon as you get an autoreply.

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Thank you sadayman! I have created a ticket # 2285195

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Update: This seems to be a common issue for .kg TLD:

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