Unable to add emails ending with domain to Cloudflare Zero Trust Application Policy


While I’m trying to add partner domain to Cloudflare Zero Trust Access Application as a new policy or edit existing allow policy which looks like that:

Rule Criteria Value

Include Emails Ending In @partner-domain.org

I receiving this error:

Is someone had this problem before? How to solve it?

Thanks in advance.



This is usually when your application domain (under Overview) is invalid or has been accidentally changed when you opened it to change the policies - have you double-checked that and that the dropdown has been selected?

Even if you type a zone, you do need to click on the item in the dropdown for the selection to be ‘confirmed’.

while creating new application it allow me to add this domain, but in checker I received same error and user in this “organization” is unable to login. After removing this domain, saving the rules and trying to add once again this domain I got this error.

Domain is taken from dropdown.