Unable to add Domain name to cloudflare

I encountered an issue while adding my domain to Cloudflare. In order to add my domain, I need to add NS records with my domain registrar. However, I noticed that Cloudflare provides nameservers in the format of a third level domain such as maya.ns. cloudflare .com, whereas my domain registrar only supports nameservers in the format of a second level domain such as ns1. xxx. com. As a result, I am unable to add my domain to Cloudflare. I would like to request that the Cloudflare team provide a nameserver in the format of a second level domain or another solution that would enable me to successfully add my domain to Cloudflare. This would greatly benefit users like me and improve the overall user experience and customer satisfaction of Cloudflare. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my feedback.

It sounds like your registrar could use a suggestion on fixing their platform’s shortcomings. While it is a common naming convention, there is no legitimate requirement for nameservers to use the format they are enforcing. Do you mind sharing their name so that others may know to be cautious of that limitation?

If you want to use Cloudflare and want to use a registrar with such a limitation you would need to obtain a Business or Enterprise plan that allows custom nameservers.

If you are interested in learning why Cloudflare uses their current nameserver naming mechanism, there is a good blog article on the topic.

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