Unable to add domain "kinshasa.gouv.cd"

Ticket 2359911 - I am trying to add a government domain “kinshasa.gouv.cd” but my Cloudflare Account is not allowing.


To add the following domain you need to own domain gouv.cd then you create a A Record pointing to ip address

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Are you sure it’s not supposed to be under .gov.cd?

Does it have a working website there now?

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in french .gov is “gouv”.its main domain

I’m afraid that’s not possible, as .gouv.cd is not on the Public Suffix list:



https://sante.gouv.cd/ same extension domain working.

Cloudflare close my ticket " My ticket ID is Id#2359911" without fix.

Not on Cloudflare.

So .cd is TLD for DRC (Congo Kinshasa, Africa). They (Country) are now starting up to go digital and as per their national language (French) it is typed .gouv, instead of .gov.

.cd = tld for DRC
.gouv.cd = for goverment entities

It was difficult for me to convince them to go digital and now I am stuck on adding it to Cloudflare.

I would urge and request the concerned people to help me resolve this issue ASAP.

I just want help of some expert from Cloudflare team to add them manually or something from backend.

Detailes are mentioned in ticket number: 2359911

Thanks in advance and kind regards.

Hey ,

Go to Cloudflare DNS & Set a A Record kinshasa pointing to your hosting ip

Not until it’s on the Public Suffix list.



Here’s an alternate idea: Register some other domain, like kinshasagov.com so you can add it here, then use the SSL for SaaS setup:



Free plans are lowest priority, but I’ll escalate that ticket and they’ll let you know if it’s possible, and what you would need to do if it is.


Thanks for the advise, I really appericiate it, but I am afriad this way will create issues in the service we are trying to achieve, using this domain.

That is why I requesting Cloudflare to do it manually from back-end.

You see, people who are managing .cd tld, are not much tech-savvy. I mean last year their 90% domains were hacked just because of a small human error.

Believe me when I say this, they are not very easily understanding people.

@sdayman Thanks alot, i really appericiate it indeed.

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Glad to help. I’ll keep an eye out for Support when they drop in at their first opportunity.

Good luck with the new endeavor!

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@sdayman thanks, I will anxiously wait



Thanks for flagging it. We have escalated the matter to the relevant team for their review. We will update the ticket as we hear more from the team.


As a quick summary, the .cd registry would need to make it an official SLD and this would also get it published in the public(!) ICANN part of the PSL.

Alternatively, using the Enterprise plan would allow you to add subdomains as zones.

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