Unable To Add Domain (.in) Domain - Error

Unable to Add Domain : I’ve checked in community too so many users are facing the same issue. I’m unable to add new (.in) domain in my account. Error showing - “Domain Not Registered”

so do you think Cloudflare user tried to add a domain which is not own by them ? What kind of logic this is. off course I’ve registered my domain and I’ve updated Cloudflare nameserver on it but still facing the same error

Well, you’re not supposed to use Cloudflare nameservers until after you are told which ones, specifically for that domain, to use.

So, remove them and use your registrar’s nameservers until you are in the setup process and told which ones to use.

Done : but not working !!! updated the default nameservers and after updating default nameservers, showing the default registrar landing page but still FACING SAME ISSUE IN Cloudflare … NOTHING IMPROVED

Wait for the nameservers to propagate - check your domain’s NS records on https://dnschecker.org/

They also must answer to your domain - so dig yourdomain.com @yournameserver.com (Mac/Linux) or nslookup yourdomain.com yournameserver.com (Windows) should not return a REFUSED status.

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