Unable to add domain due to existing Cloudflare hosted website

I’ve been using Cloudflare for a number of years. I am trying to add another domain to Cloudflare and I’ve run into a problem. The website for this domain is hosted via Cloudflare. When I tried to add the domain I get an error Invalid CNAME target. Cannot use records with partial suffixes.

I reached out to the web hosting company but they did not know what I should do.

One thing I could do is change the CNAME to the corresponding A records that are currently set for the CNAME but I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do.

I found this in a :search:. Maybe it will help.

Thanks. The current CNAMEs resolve to a pair of A records. My experience tells me to set my DNS entries to those A records and things will work but… this may be a catch 22 situation. My client is likely paying for a level of service from Cloudflare that is attached to the current CDN CNAMEs. If I change the DNS to point directly to the A records, that service goes away because now the DNS traffic is via my service and not theirs. There may be no good answer other than keeping the primary DNS outside of Cloudflare.

Although not completely impossible, this is highly unlikely as Cloudflare is not a web hosting provider. If you are able to share the domain name and associated DNS records, it is often easier to examine what you are referencing. The challenge that you are attempting to resolve is not entirely clear to me.

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Perhaps it would make more sense to say that my client has their website hosted by a company who uses Cloudflare for their (hosting company) DNS. The CNAME I was given to put in my DNS zone file is so that Cloudflare can proxy via the hosting company DNS.

The CNAME that I currently have in my DNS for the website resolves to a pair of A records: and Both of these IPs belong to Cloudflare.

It sounds like you may be talking about a Cloudflare for SaaS partner.

The following may help explain how that service works and what limitations one my encounter with it.

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