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So I encountered a very strange issue. My website is on Shopify and hosted by GoDaddy, but I don’t remember ever creating an account on Cloudflare. However, I need to authorize my domain on a third-party application, but it’s directing me to Cloudflare, which I don’t have access to.

I tried contacting GoDaddy support, and they asked me to connect with Cloudflare since the nameserver shows Cloudflare’s name.

Additionally, I am unable to add any DNS records. Now I am stuck and have no clue what to do.

Is there any expert who can help me here? or anyone who have encounter the same issue.

I am attaching screenshots for reference.

Adding other Screenshot as i cant attach more than one in single post.

Here is the last one

Someone will have set this up for you, and will have had to access your Godaddy domain to set the nameservers in order to do so.

If you can’t find who that was, and none of this helps…

…then you can just switch back to Godaddy nameservers and manage your DNS there. (Shopify uses Cloudflare anyway), or create a new Cloudflare account and add records in there.

If you either of those, make sure to add back in any DNS records for email or other services. You can check what is currently set for email here…


Hi Just want know if there is anyway i can find out my registered email on cloudflare using my domain this how i might be able to recover my passowrd. Assuming that while building up the website i forgot my credentials of cloudflare.

Is there anyway we can find my registered email using my domain.

Instructions to do that are in the link I posted above…

This step will email the account holder.

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