Unable to add DMARC NS

as per best DMARC standard, it is important to get full email visibility with DMARC RUA & RUF and we use valimail for that.

To enable DMARC for this domain, we are required to add the following NS record for the ‘_dmarc’ subdomain to DNS:

_dmarc.mydomain.com	NS	ns.vali.email.

we are getting below error in Cloudflare portal.
Non-NS records with that host already exist. (Code: 81055)

I understand that Cloudflare doesn’t support glue records but in DMARC case, it is very important to have visibility to our email system and I am sure many others will come and ask the same question

Please advise, if any alternate way is possible?

Have you tried deleting the existing DNS records with that name before trying to delegate? Both cannot exist.


what do you mean by existing DNS?
I can’t add it _dmarc.mydomain.com as NS

You need to delete your existing records with the name _dmarc.example.com before you can add NS records at that name. As already indicated:


ooh you mean TXT record with _dmarc needs to be deleted before I can use NS
okay, got it

Thanks for your help, much appreciated


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