Unable to add .de domain due to Host Records

Im trying to add a .de domain but denic refuses to update the nameservers.

Namecheap support told me
“Cloudflare support and ask them with the assistance of the set up of .de domains. It should be possible to perform (they should enable the host records you create in the account beforehand) and then you can switch the nameservers from our side with no issues.”

But there doesn’t seem to be any live chat or ticket support here.

Any help on getting this to work? much appreciated

Thats a common issue with .de domains.

You will need to open a support ticket, which can be done at https://support.cloudflare.com/requests/new, however it might be tricky if you dont have the domain yet, so it would be better if you simply drop an email to their [email protected] address.

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