Unable to add custom email address

I am unable to add any new custom email addresses to my domain. When I try to add a custom email, I get a red pop-up from the bottom of the screen that just says “Code: 2014”. Is anyone else having this issue? It was working a day or two ago just fine. Thanks.

This is what I get after I click on the save button… I’ve tried multiple browsers and I get the same result. It never saves the new custom email, it just gives the error.

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Can anyone confirm that it’s working for them? I tried again this morning, and I’m still getting the same error code, and I’m completely unable to add new custom email addresses under Email routing.

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I see the nameservers set for the domain, but do not see the confirmation that the site is active in your audit log, is the site operating normally aside from the email issues?

There is no web site associated with this domain at this time. All email routing functions seem to be working fine for existing custom email addresses, but I’m unable to add any new one’s.

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