Unable to add continentalassociates.com.pk

I am trying to add continentalassociates.com.pk but getting the same message of “continentalassociates.com.pk is not a registered domain”. Please resolve the issue. I directed DNS to cloudflare but still, Cloudflare is showing that message.

You should not direct DNS to Cloudflare until instructed.

Before directing DNS, I was getting the same message. However, I removed DNS entries but the result is same. Domain is unregistered messgae.

Apologies. My haste resulted in banning the domain…

This web property is temporarily restricted from being added to Cloudflare at this time. Please try again later, or contact Cloudflare Support with any questions.

Still cloudflare not adding it. I directed it to my server. Showing site but cloudflare not adding it.

Any Help please.

I am stuck. Please help. I still have the issue continentalassociates.com.pk is not a registered domain

The first point in the CommunityTip linked to above says you must have working nameservers. Your domain does not have any nameservers. There is an A record returned, which is unusual.

You should talk to your registrar about getting nameservers set up before you can add the domain to Cloudflare.

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