Unable to add CNAME Recors


I am unable to add the following CNAME records within the DNS setup area in cloudflare.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

CNAME em6746.utopiawebdesigns.co.uk u2309499.wl250.sendgrid.net|
CNAME s1._domainkey.utopiawebdesigns.co.uk s1.domainkey.u2309499.wl250.sendgrid.net|
CNAME s2._domainkey.utopiawebdesigns.co.uk s2.domainkey.u2309499.wl250.sendgrid.net|

I have CNAMEs like that, but they need to be cleaned up a bit.

Make sure you remove the .utopiawebdesigns.co.uk when you input them. Those are redundant. And it looks like an extra character after the .net on the end.

Thanks for your reply.

Still no luck. Image attached.

The message looks like it’s been added.

Oh…make sure it’s not set to :orange:.

Thanks that is now working.

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