Unable to add cname due to error received: An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists. (Code: 81053)

i had the same cname on another website but deleted it about 5 hours ago.

That page where you’re trying to add the CNAME record already has a record with the same name.

If you post a screenshot of that error along with all the DNS records, we can take a look. It’s ok to black out the IP addresses.

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I have 2 sites managed by cloudflare, the other had a cname record with www and target.estage.com which is the one I’m attempting to add to alohadreamer.com

I deleted the record about 5 hours ago. do I just need to wait longer?

I’m not seeing this in your screenshot:

not sure why you’re not seeing it

I’ve now posted it twice using prt sc and ctrl V

I just don’t see anything that says “An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists. (Code: 81053”

Which CNAME record are you trying to add?

the error only flashes on my screen for a moment

Im attempting to add a cname record with name: www and target: target.estage.com

just attempted to add it again and took a screenshot so you could see the error come up

I can see that you’re trying to add ‘www’ when that error comes up. You already have a CNAME for ‘www’ farther down:

gotcha. that record was transferred over by cloudflare from godaddy. if I delete it, I’ll be able to add the one I want?

just deleted the www record, but unable to add another CNAME record with name:@

That’s not what you showed in your screenshot. @ is just shorthand for the naked domain, so you’d have to delete the very first record on your list: The “A” one with the IP address.

yes. I was able to add the original CNAME record and the next record I needed to add was the CNAME @ record. After I deleted the A one with the ip address as you instructed, I was able to finish my assignment. Thanks so much for your [email protected]! I truly appreciate you!!

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