Unable to add Clouldflare pages app in Zero Trust

Hi everyone,

I have one Cloudflare Pages app, but I am unable to add it to Cloudflare Zero Trust (Left Menu - Access → Application).

Add self-hosted button is disabled. Any pointers to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.
Error: Self-hosted applications can be added once you have an active zone on Cloudflare

Any inputs please?

Hi, Do you have an Active DNS Zone and a Domain Name?

Thanks for revert. Where can I check this in portal?

From here:

If you don’t have a domain then you can register one for free from (Freenom](Freenom - A Name for Everyone) or buy one from Cloudflare.

As far as I understand you need at least one domain with subdomains in order to use the Zero-Trust self-hosted apps so that your requests get routed to your account.

Yeah. I don’t have domain with me. Thanks for your inputs. I’ll try the solution provided by you.

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Enabling Access for a pages site is done from within pages.

Preview deployments · Cloudflare Pages docs.

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