Unable to add CloudFlare NS servers for some of our domains

Hi Members,

Our external DNS admin sent back the following error when trying to add the CloudFlare NS servers:

It worked fine for some of our domains, others give this error using the exact same CloudFlare NS.

Anyone have any idea how to get this resolved?


You need to follow the setup steps at support.cloudflare.com. You have not added the domain to Cloudflare yet and havent been given nameservers. You cannot simply set random Cloudflare nameservers before that.


We have added the domain to Cloudflare. These are the NameServers that are given on the page to complete the setup. I did not just randomly choose 2 names…

Fair enough, that looks as if it was correctly set up. Something might have got stuck somewhere. I’d remove the domain from Cloudflare and then re-add it.

If that still doesnt work or you have already configured it and dont want to lose these settings, then you will need to contact support.

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