Unable to add CIDR to WARP split tunnel config. "unsupported path"

Hi there, I’m configuring my default WARP profile in the console.

WARP client is set to proxy mode. Now I’m attempting to configure the split tunnelling configuration in “Include IPs” mode.

On the next page I’m prompted to enter either domain or IP to include in the split tunnelling. I want to include the following CIDR to be proxied by Cloudflare: “” , however, while applying this, Cloudflare returns a red error bar at the top of the page saying “unsupported path”.

I tested with other internal and public IP addresses, with and without /24 and /32 and I always get this “unsupported path” error and can’t add any IPs to the split tunnel include list.

It’s not clear what the problem is. Am I doing something wrong or is this a system bug?

Thanks, GH