Unable to add .blog domain

What is the domain name?

Have you searched for an answer?

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Google “Cloudflare .blog extension” doesn’t result in relevant results

Describe the issue you are having:
I get anjanesh.blog is not a registered domain

Well, that’s not exactly a very adequate search, is it?

not a registered domain” is much better and unsurprisingly also returns the right article. So yeah, you need to fix your domain.

And no, you obviously cannot set Cloudflare nameservers when you haven’t even added the domain.

anjanesh.blog was registered on Mar 4, 2020.
Today I pointed the DNS to rick.ns.cloudflare.com and roxy.ns.cloudflare.com
Whois Lookup Captcha

So why am I not able to add the site at dash.cloudflare.com/xxx/add-site ?

Well, did you follow the article? Plus, what did I just write?

And why would you do that if your domain is obviously not on Cloudflare?

I don’t what you’re saying - I already have 2 of my domains at ResellerClub pointing to Clouflare and many domains of my client’s at GoDaddy whose DNS point to Cloudflare.

I checked the article at Community Tip - Fixing Code: 1049 example.com is not a registered domain - I cross checked all 5 points.

Again, did you follow the article?

Anyhow, you have the wrong nameservers, set your host’s nameservers and you can add it.

If you’re sure about point #5, then you should be all set.


Plus, the domain would be on Cloudflare already so we are discussing an error which does not exist in the first place.

Christ, people, applying the most basic common sense and using a search should really not be that difficult, especially if it’s about an error which we are discussing every five minutes anyhow :roll_eyes:

I just added another site to Cloudflare and it was added successfully so I don’t get why the same procedure isn’t working for my .blog extension. Odd.

Right now it’s changed to :

Name Server: ns1.de.opalstack.com
Name Server: ns2.de.opalstack.com

Yeah, these nameservers do not serve your domain, so they are not valid, you need to set valid nameservers.

We are going in circles here and if you had actually read the points you mentioned, we wouldn’t be discussing that.

It’s much easier if you have a working website before you add it to Cloudflare.

Get that going, and the onboarding should go easily.

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I have added more than 10 site / domains to Cloudflare before.
After adding a site in Cloudflare, Cloudflare asks me to change DNS to its own DNS.

But in this case, Cloudflare is not even accepting this domain to be added to the site. Hence the confusion.

We are still going in circles

  1. You posted the link to the right article yourself in your very first posting
  2. I posted the link to the right article in my first response to you
  3. I told you you cannot use Cloudflare nameservers
  4. I mentioned again that you cannot use Cloudflare nameservers
  5. You said you checked all five points
  6. You obviously did not check these points, otherwise you’d have noticed your incorrect configuration with the very first paragraph already
  7. As long as your domain is not properly configured, you won’t be able to add it

Follow the article and fix your nameservers.

Because your website doesn’t work. Cloudflare can’t fix a broken website. Please find a professional web developer who can set up a website for you.


Check this previous post.

And the domain is active on Cloudflare.

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