Unable to add an IP address to IP Access Rules

Unable to add an IP address to IP Access Rules I get an error “Country, IP address, or ASN not recognized”. I try deleting one that was already accepted, but I can’t add it again or add any new one.

New problem here is the same. There is a new blue bar in much of the field and I’m unable to type in that field at all. Unable to make any new entries. Anyone know what this is? Screenshot

I can confirm. It’s broken for me, too. Since it’s not in Cloudflare Status, I’ve reported it to Support.

In the dashboard in Firefox I can’t add IP access rules any more. The formatting is really weird, the add button is stretched out to the left, and the IP or ASN box stretches out way to the right. I’ve added a couple of black boxes to cover some information, but the blue box is there on its own. There’s no way to choose block/allow or which website you want to apply it to.

I’ve tried disabling all add-ons. It works fine in Chrome. I’m running Firefox 91.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows 10. Anyone else experiencing this?

Just confirmed Chrome working. Come to think of it… Did get a FireFox update in Linux yesterday.

I wasn’t having the issue until my FF update yesterday.
Another issue just found in Chrome… Will not allow me to enter a /32 network in IPv6. 1st I’ve seen of this.

How can l post my issues here

Type them in or perhaps a picture post…

the web interface of firewall > tools
is currently broken on firefox

是的,点击添加 按钮image

Any news about this issue?

Thank you, but I’m not using Firefox, my problem was not with the button, my problem is that I’m not able to add more IP address to the IP Access Rules.

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It’s working now. :man_shrugging:

I am having the same issue in Safari on Mac OS - can’t even enter an Ip address in the field

lots of ‘404’ errors

I’m unable to replicate this.

It is an Old machine which for many reasons - proprietary scripts and monitors - is running High Sierra Version 13.1.2 (13609. This also happens to us in Chrome

I hope you have a newer machine around you can try this on.

Same thing - different device running Catalina
The field to enter the IP, etc… will not accept input

You wouldn’t happen to have any network filtering software on those Macs, would you? Some plugin or general antivirus software?