Unable to add a site, register a domain, or transfer a domain

I am having similar issues as customers in a previous thread:

The window pane that is supposed to the the UI for registering domains is blank. I also cannot add a new site or transfer a domain to Cloudflare. Adding a site results in the error message

You are not allowed to create new zones at this time. If you are an Enterprise customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Otherwise, please email [email protected] for more assistance.

I wonder if in the mean time there is a way for users to fix this? My support ticket number is 2518739

Is that ticket number from emailing [email protected]? It sounds like a Trust & Safety case which customer support aren’t able to access.

It is not an abuse ticket number, but a ticket number about “Registrar Registration Transfer In”. I’ll also write to [email protected] but wonder what the case might be, this is the first domain I’m importing with this new Cloudflare account :smile:

I worked around this problem by using another Cloudflare account. (It is a time-critical project so I won’t be able to debug it this time.)

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