Unable to add a .site domain to cloudflare. WHOIS is fine

Trying to add a .site domain that I received in a free promotion from an outside registrar.

Error received when attempting to add “noxxxxxxxxxxle.site is not a registered domain

Both the WHOIS and the Diagnostic center read it as a registered and working domain. Its nameservers already point to Cloudflare even, and the Diagnostic center recognizes that.

According to tld-policies page in the documentation .site is a supported tld. I’ve got about a half dozen domains with Cloudflare, and this is the first time I’ve had issues adding one.

Thank you for any help.

There is an ongoing incidence with Registrar. I would wait until they give an all clear, then try again.

The issue is with a domain from an outside registrar. It’s also been going on for 2 days, which predates the linked status page.

You must not point your domain to Cloudflare nameservers until you have been instructed to during the process of adding to Cloudflare.

Before adding a domain, the domain must have properly configured and responding authoritative nameservers.

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Thanks! Am waiting for propagation to see if that does the trick.

The name servers have been changed and well propagated, but Cloudflare still does not see the domain as being registered and won’t add it. Today is day 3 of my trying.

Can you share the domain?


To what?

Still point to Cloudflare. See the linked article.

I have just checked icann.org and who.is and they most assuredly do not.

The delegation is still lame. You need working name server configuration, and then you can add a domain to Cloudflare.


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So is your suggestion to contact the registrar and ask why the provided name servers do not work?

This can’t be true. I always setup Cloudflare’s NS records right away when registering new domain names. I don’t even have an alternative DNS server. Cloudflare just can’t copy records from the old server in that case, but adding the domain to Cloudflare works fine.

It might work fine. It might cause problems. The name servers you are assigned can vary. For example the domains in my account use three different name server pairs.

Pointing your domain to Cloudflare’s name servers before adding the domain in your account is bad practice.


All of my domains have used the same name servers and I know for a fact that I have changed them prior to adding a site on most of the domains I own. However, reading through the docs I did see that what I have been doing is not best practice and will refrain from doing so in the future.

However, I am still unclear why this site is being a pain to add. I have created a ticket with my registrar providing them with the resources linked above regarding DNSEC errors with their nameservers. If I don’t hear from them after the weekend, I am wondering if I should just try to use some other nameservers from a 3rd party as an intermediate for adding the site to Cloudflare.

I use https://dns.he.net for this purpose, it’s free and relatively painless.


Thanks so much, Michael, that did the trick!

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