Unable to Add A Record for Subdomain

I’m trying to add an A Record to my DNS in order to use Siteground’s staging environment, which is configured automatically with the addition of a subdomain.

However, when I attempt to add the record to my DNS, Cloudflare does not fully accept the record. I assume this may have something to do with the presence of a hyphen in the primary URL.

For example, instead of saving the record as “staging.site-domain.com”, it simply reverts to “staging”.

Cloudflare’s hostnames are hierarchical. You created a host staging in the zone site-domain.com. It may be that your provider is expecting that record to be DNS Only :grey: vs. Proxied :orange: .

It sounds like you’re seeing a space-saving technique from the Cloudflare Dashboard. Something like myspecialsubdomain.thebestdomainintheworld.com will take up too much space, so subdomains won’t show the full domain name. It’s in the record, though, as you can check under Advanced → Export DNS Records. Or by a lookup at dnschecker.org

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Thanks guys. It was the space-saving technique, as I see the full URL in the DNS record export. Quite confusing the first time you unexpectedly encounter it.


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