Unable to add a cname record in dns

my site url is ticketsforever.com
CNAME Record not adding

Unable means?

Post a screenshot of what you are trying to add and the error.

i uploaded a screenshot

What is the issue?

The record is properly set up

$ dig +short @albert.ns.cloudflare.com _b3c896222cff1510bbfec405db898209.checkout.ticketsforever.com CNAME


why there is an alert (This record is managed externally. To request changes, please contact your provider)

Probably refers to the fact that the record is managed by comodoca.com but thats not an issue.

Thank you i thought it’s an issue , kindly tell me how can i verify that all cname records added successfully , when i check online through this site https://dnslookup.online/ ir any other dnschecker , only A records shown

As it is a CNAME you need to query for a CNAME.

Thank you

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