Unable to ad a dot to a MX record

Hi I am installing yunoHost on a server in my home. You need a domain name for this and I am using clouflare’s DNS for my domain. Now I am following a guide from yunohost this one: https://yunohost.org/en/dns_config I can configure al the records just fine but the MX record needs to be configured like this:


So with a extra dot behind the tld of your domain however if I configure this in my DNS records the extra dot seems to be removed as soon as I safe the DNS configuration for the MX record. Does anybody have a seloution for this problem? Thanks in advance.


Thanks but what i don’t understand is how to add a Trailing Dot to a record.

You don’t, but you don’t need to either.

What’s the hostname and what’s the issue?


You don’t need the trailing dot.

The trailing dot indicates that a record is a “fully qualified name”.

It’ll work fine without the trailing dot, CF just strips the dot since it assumes it’s already fully qualified.

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