Unable to activate bulk redirect rule

Unable to activate bulk redirect rule. I have created a new buil redirect rule very imaginatively called “bulk_redirect” but I see it’s status is marked as inactive and I don’t have any way to make it active for some reason.

Please see the screenshots attached.

What you created, as reflected in the screenshot, is the bulk redirect list. You now need to create a bulk redirect rule to invoke that list, at which point the list will be shown as active.


Thanks! the rule is now active let me see if it works.

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It doesn’t work though? I am trying it otu so one of my redirect is

https://www.unifiedinfotech.net/services/web-development-company-usa/ to be redirected to https://www.unifiedinfotech.net/services/web-development-services-usa/

But the redirect isn’t working am I doing something wrong?

It is working. You may be seeing a cached response. Clear your browser cache or use an incognito tab in your browser.

I see the issue… the DNS was proxied… thanks for the help!

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