Unable to activate ACM

When activating ACM using Universal Plan (Free) the next button is disabled. Googled it and in some post the solution was to removed any edge certificate but i don’t has any.
Thanks in advance

You mean like this?

You have to select the “Advanced Certificate Manager” option so the “Next” button becomes available. There is no “free” ACM option. You either use Universal SSL (Free) or ACM ($10/month).

I know that. What i mean was the current plan (Universal SSL $0.00/month). In the SSL/TLS Overview says i have to activate ACM and i wanna do that. the next button on Universal SSL plan is disabled.

As I said and showed, there is no “ACM on the Universal SSL plan” option. You can choose either Universal SSL or ACM. This is why the “next” button is disabled when you are using Universal SSL. It’s a slightly odd UI method, but what it’s saying is if you want ACM, you need to pay $10/month for it.

What i mean is that i’m unable to activate Universal SSL the next button is grayed out. I have 2 sub domains proxified and i wanna generate SSL certificated for them.

What is the domain and subdomain?

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