Unable to accessDNS settings

Am wanting to change the DNS settings on my domain name, the NS adresses are correct bur the CP displays this message " Your DNS zone file is hosted by Namecheap , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website." I don’t have a hosting a/c with them although I did have a developed setting up a site for me. How to I get back control of my settings?

Whats the domain for starters? Though, the message is quite clear. Your domain appears to be controlled by Namecheap and you would have to contact them about this. You might not have any hosting account but your Cloudflare account seems to be signed up via them.

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Thanks for getting back to me, the name is giantdomains.com and it was being developed by a company called Digital Webber ,in India. Have also tried to sort this out with them, they were hosting it but there have been problems with that of late and I need to get it back for myself now.

That domain generally has an invalid DNS setup and points to nameservers which are not announced by Cloudflare.

You should probably remove any Cloudflare services from Namecheap and set up the domain from scratch on Cloudflare.

Thanks, have deleted then relisted the name, will wait and see what happens. RGds Roger

Now its DNS setup looks okay. You should be able to control it from the account which gives you piotr as nameserver.

Thanks for your help, as you say, it looks ok now. Regards Roger

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