Unable to access ZeroTier endpoints when WARP client is connected

We have some edge case situations where we have devices in client networks that we are able to access through a ZeroTier network. I would like to be able to access those devices even with the WARP client connected on my local computer. I’ve set up split tunneling and set an exception on my ZeroTier subnet. I am able to connect to the WARP client and then to ZeroTier, and I can ping endpoints across the ZeroTier subnet, however I can not SSH to RDP to them. If I disconnect from the WARP client, I’m able to connect to these endpoints just fine. I’m not sure why a connection to the WARP client makes any difference here as these connections should be and appear to be routed through a completely different virtual interface. I’ve even tested it via Powershell and running a Test-NetConnection to the IP and Port of an endpoint, verifying it is open and it is going out my ZeroTier interface, but I pop open putty and the connection just sits there never bringing up a login prompt. Any suggestions on this?

Hi there,

ZeroTier has a setting called Allow DNS Configuration. Try toggling that.

Take care.

Thank you for your reply. I looked into the Allow DNS Configuration. It seems similar to Cloudflare’s fallback domain feature, but really wouldn’t be relevant here. I’m working strictly with IP addresses so no DNS resolution necessary.