Unable to access Zero Trust via OTP - did not receive verification code

Hi All, I went through the Zero Trust setup a day ago and set up the rules for OTP validation and email domains, and at first it worked fine to collect codes and pass validation with different accounts.
However, twelve hours ago, for some reason I deleted the rule and changed it to only specific email logins, and since then I am no longer able to receive the code no matter what email I use.
Now, even though I have deleted all the rules and reset all Access applications, the problem still exists.
I hope I can get some help.

Hi there!

Did you add [email protected] to your email scanning allowlist?

You can check both Access Group and Access Policy if there may be a misconfiguration somewhere. It could be something to the order of the rule as well.

Thank you for your reply.
I have tried adding that email to the allowlist, but it still hasn’t worked.
I use the same email address for my authentication and Cloudflare Community, and I can receive emails from Cloudflare, but not from OTP.
I have tried using “outlook.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com…” The problem persists.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. I’ve just created a tunnel and wanted to add OTP authentication for one specific email address → never received the code. I’ve also tested different emails (outlook, gmail, etc).

I think it would be useful to test your policies to ensure the user has access to an application.

If you see Error testing your policy: access.api.error.invalid_user_id while testing the policies, the workaround should do the trick!