Unable to Access www Subdomain on My Website

Hello Everyone,

I’m reaching out to the community after encountering a persistent issue with my website which is hosted behind Cloudflare Pages. Despite extensive troubleshooting, I have not been able to resolve the problem, and I’m hoping to find some guidance or suggestions from the collective expertise here.

Issue Description:

• My website’s domain is reachable. But my website’s www subdomain is unreachable. It doesn’t load in browsers regardless of the device or network I use.

• Pinging the www subdomain works fine, which means DNS resolution is not the issue.

• The SSL certificate for the www subdomain is valid and up-to-date.

• I have not configured any server-side or Cloudflare redirects that might be causing this problem.

• The issue persists even after trying different browsers and clearing cache.

I’ve reviewed Cloudflare settings, checked DNS records, and confirmed that the SSL/TLS configuration appears to be correct. There are no visible errors in my server logs that point to the cause of the problem.

I wanted to check if anyone here has faced a similar issue or could provide any insights on what else I could check or try.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and help!

Did you add www.example.com to the “Custom domains” tab for Pages?

Thank you so sincerely for pinpointing the issue with my domain setup. As a novice,I mistakenly assumed that adding example.com would negate the need to add www.example.com, I only configured example.com in the ‘Custom domains.’ Your expert advice immediately resolved a problem that had been troubling me for an entire day. I am extremely grateful for your assistance. Now everything is working perfectly. May your kindness be returned to you tenfold, and may good fortune smile upon you always. Thanks again!

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