Unable to access worker at my domain

Hi guys, I setup a Cloudflare worker earlier and wanted to get it at my subdomain

The worker is accessible at x.y.workers.dev

however when I added this config:

I cannot access storage.example.com:

I have checked using website and a friend to make sure it isn’t my connection.

Edit: url - https://storage.bwacos.com


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry you are experiencing an issue with accessing your sub-domain by using a Cloudflare Worker.

I got Record not found! while looking up for the stated DNS record.
Seems to me it’s a missing one.

Could you please check if storage as a DNS record (hostname) does exist under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name and is it pointed to and also proxied and set to :orange:?

In case you need help with managing your DNS records, kindly see the instructions how to add a missing storage DNS record using below article:


I just added that record into my dashboard, I will update you when (if) it propagates and starts working.

Still doesn’t seem to be working, I attached an image of my record in the above reply

Thank you for feedback information and provided screenshot.

Kindly, give it some time to fully propagate to around the World as far as it didn’t existed before.

May I ask you to try using a different Web browser or a Private Window (Incognito Mode), or even a VPN connection (if possible), or at least if you have a mobile phone with mobile data (4G LTE, cellular data) you can try accessing your sub-domain with it, if so.

Nevertheless, maybe you might have to “flush” your DNS at your device, or the easiest way might be to restart your router. Otherwise, wait a bit more as it could be due to the ISP cache.

As far as I checked now, I see it’s working on my end.
Kindly, check the below screenshot and reply back if that’s what we expect to see?:

Thank you it started working

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