Unable to access WordPress redirection plugin options page

Hi All

Having problems with caching and one of the plugins installed on my wordpress site.

On the cloudflare free plan and using the WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache plugin , cache working nicely , but having problems with the redirection plugin. when I visit the plugin options page am seeing:

" Cached Redirection detected

Please clear your browser cache and reload this page."

Then a link to instructions on how to purge the redirection.js script from the cloudflare cache and to setup a page rule so the plugins js is omitted from the cloudflare cache.

I’ve cleared the cache, numerous times and tried other combinations of things over a day now but still not able to access this options page.

Anyone else had similar issue?

Any assistance on this one really appreciated.


What WP Super Cache options do you have enabled?
Using Cloudflare and WP Super Cache it will always say the “timestamp is different” when testing if the cache works and over HTTPS.
Any other cache plugin like Autooptimize or just WP Super Cache and Cloudflare?
Do you use Official WordPress Cloudflare plugin or just the Cloudflare dashboard?

Have you tried the Really Simple SSL plugin?
Also, if not already, use Better Search Replace to replace all HTTP links in your databse to HTTPS.

Thanks for quick response

Just to check but this is the plugin I have installed - https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-cloudflare-page-cache/ , just using this in the documentation it says I don’t need the other official cloudflar plugin as it is redundant ( in this instance )

There are quite a few options I could list but have stuck with the defaults at the moment ,let me know if it helps to know specific options I have enabled/disabled.

I have set the plugin to not cache the redirection.js file ( well I set it to check for this pattern /plugins/redirection/ , otherwise yeah just kept to the default settings so far.

I do have autoptimise installed as well , back on the clouflare super cache plugin I have “Automatically purge the cache when Autoptimize flushs its cache” setting enabled.

We also have redis object caching enabled as well, but doubt this would cause issues?

I have flushed the cache on all three , with no success and disable redirect and autopoptimise

Managed to get this sorted, it appears that setting the wp cloudflare cache plugin to clear the op-cache and object cache automatically on a cloudflare cache purge sorted the issue.

Thanks for the assistance fritexvz

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