Unable to access websites which are under "DDoS Protection"

Whenever i go on a website that has “Im Under Attack” mode activated, it shows me a redirect screen, then after 5 seconds it reloads and shows me the redirect screen again but this time the ray ID has changed… No idea why is this happening, it even happens on other websites such as pastebin.com and i tried different devices, different accounts, Clearing Cache, Private Tabs, etc.

Nothing helps

I’ll attach a video of me going on pastebin.com from new tab and private tab below.

I see red button Adblock , which could block cookies and if some, JavaScript, I guess?

Also, try disabling it temporarly, clear your Web browser cache again and try accessing the Website you were trying again.

Maybe it will not help either, but, give it a try.

Otherwise, if this happens to you daily, it could indicate to be some Web browser extension, or if using VPN and the IP address is suspicious to Cloudflare, or maybe something with privacy and cookies in our Web browser, either possible issue with your internet service provider (IP being suspicious, or maybe on a spam, or on abuseipdb, etc.)

Actually, they could just have the JS Challenge option being setup at Firewall Rules for the requests comming either from your country (by your IP address), or for all visitors who aren’t being logged-in first, or some other reason meaningful for them.

Or it could be the Browser Integrity Check option.

… It also challenges visitors without a user agent or with a non-standard user agent such as commonly used by abusive bots, crawlers, or visitors …

How about your antivirus? Do you have one?

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I tried disabling the AdBlock and clearing cache, no change

Yes i have antivirus, also if i try to go on my OWN website with no firewall rules with the under attack mode on, it still does the same thing and i get stuck in the redirect loop

I dont think my Ip would be blocked for being suspicious or spam because i am on a wifi from a like well knowned provider

I’m facing same challenges here

Found any fix? its really annoying.

@MoreHelp Other people are also experiencing it, pls help
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